Mario Time Race

Mario Time Race 1.0

Race as quickly as possible through different levels while collecting coins
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Mario Time Race is free game designed for kids. The objective of the game is for players to race as quickly as possible through different dangerous levels while collecting coins. The sooner the players get to the Princess, the higher the scores will be.
In this adventure players will help Mario in grabbing as many golden coins as they can as quickly as possible on their way to meet with the Princess. But that isn’t all, players will have to watch out for hidden traps and avoid different hazards to get those coins safely to the Princess who is already waiting in the end.
This game is fun for kids while they play it over and over again because the faster they get to the princess with more coins, the points rewarded will be higher. On the downside, this game will get repetitive since the complexity is low and the game isn't extended enough.
Mario Time Race is indeed intended for small kids, it helps them develop their psycho-motor skills. No complexities, no violence, no inappropriate content is included to ensure kids a safe play.

Max Santillana
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